The alpine experience right here in Canberra.


Whether you are a professional on the slopes, a newbie to the sport, or partial to a good hot chocolate by the fire, we have you covered. 

We love the mountains just as much as you do.  That's why we are making the slopes more accessible!  We want to heighten the experience when you do manage to get to the snow. 

Ski and board all year 'round, have fun, keep fit and experience your own little piece of alpine life right here in Canberra.

And for the advanced... once you get a feel for the mats you can train on your own for a discounted price! 



(02) 5105 0202


Unit 2, Building 3, 1 Dairy Rd
Fyshwick ACT


Tues - Sat 8am–8pm
Sun 8am–6pm


Vertikal was founded out of a love of snow sports.

We all know that feeling of being on the edge of a run, the entire world before you. We also believe that nothing beats being amongst snow-capped mountains. 

We exist to enhance this experience and give you a little taste of the mountains a bit closer to home. 

We offer a unique bridge between the indoor and outdoor experience where individuals can continue to develop and build upon their skills.

Our team of certified ski and snowboard instructors and coaches assists leisure and serious snow sports competitors alike to help maintain muscle memory, and reach their goals without the disruption imposed by seasons.


why indoor?

Good question! Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love the mountains: the fresh, crisp air - the rush of adrenaline as you click on your bindings for the first run of the day.  Even the anticipation as you drive up the mountain and plan the day ahead - runs, trails, terrain parks and coffee and schnapps stops.

But what we offer is a bridge – between the indoor and outdoor experience.  Let’s face it, most of us don’t live on the mountain, and even if we did, the snow just doesn’t fall every day. We’re just not satisfied with sporadic trips to the snow wedged between busy working weeks. 

Like most sports, maintaining muscle memory and consistency makes all the difference to performance.  That’s why so many snow sports competitors travel the globe in search of snow and suitable terrain. 

Vertikal provides year-round access to slopes that simulate real terrain, for the times when you just can’t get to the mountains. 

Our slopes change speed and angulation at the touch of a button – so there’s always a challenge ahead. 

How often do we actually see ourselves skiing in real-time?  Our mirrors at the base of the slopes provide instant feedback – so you can actually see yourself as you ski and make adjustments on the spot. There’s no getting away with poor posture – as you self-correct positioning and movement.

Repetition = effective training: nothing will make you better at skiing or snowboarding other than skiing or snowboarding.  Regularly. Especially when you can see yourself.

We are all about technique…and carving.  It’s true, our slopes are unforgiving – you just can’t slide down.  But saying that, our snow-like slopes truly complement current ski and snowboard technology, where the technique of creating an edge is critical to making a well-formed turn.

If you’re not quite there yet – don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for after all!

And, even better, we’re open 364 days of the year.