Frequently asked questions


How does it actually work?

The slope itself is a giant “mat” made of soft white nylon fibre that sits on a tilted and moving platform.   It can be adjusted in height and is operated on an electric and hydraulic mechanism. The instructor operates the simulator via a hand-held remote and can stop the slope at any time.

Safety rails surround the slope with a handrail at the front for added safety. A mirrored front wall provides immediate feedback for the participant to adjust and modify technique as they train.

While the slopes feel a little different to snow underfoot, the technique is exactly the same.

What level would I be to start?

If you are unsure of what level you may be, you can call or email us. Your instructor will determine after your first class if you are in the right level and will advance you when you are ready. Otherwise, you can get an idea of your level from the following:


FIRST-TIMER: Brand new to snow sports

BEGINNER:  Learning to tackle groomed green runs

INTERMEDIATE: Confident with blue runs

ADVANCED: Competent at black runs and enjoy a challenge

What is the minimum age allowed on the slopes?


Children can begin skiing at 4 years old, or a strong 3, and snowboarding at 7 years old. We advise that these children have previous ski experience. Please let us know if that is not the case.

All classes are 60 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you are checked in, have paid in full and are ready to go.

How long is a class?

You are able to bring your own boots for both skiing and snowboarding, however you will not be able to bring your own skis or snowboards because all our equipment has been de-tuned specifically for the mats and has no wax.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Something comfortable that will allow you to be active. Most exercise gear is fine but you can also wear your ski pants if you prefer. If possible, please bring along a pair of long socks to go under your boots.

What do I wear to my session?

How do I confirm my booking?

We will send you a confirmation email. Online bookings are fairly straightforward, but you will need to enter your credit card information in order to secure your place. You will be charged upon arrival. Cancellations earlier than 24 hours can be rescheduled.

We take bookings up to a few weeks before the date – so you can book multiple classes in advance. We stop taking online bookings 24 hours before the set date and time. If you want to book in within that 24 hours you will need to call or email and see if an instructor or class suited to you is available.

How long in advance do I need to book?

Up to 6 people can be in one class with 3 people on the mat at any one time.

How many students in each class?

Obviously, you aren’t skiing or boarding on snow, but you will be surprised how similar to the mats feel to snow.  The main difference is actually your time spent on the slopes where time on our mats is concentrated performance training. 10 minutes on our mat is the equivalent of Kozzie, from the top of chair lift to the bottom, non stop.

What is the difference between the mountain and the mats?

Don’t be scared about falling over! Our instructors are always watching and will stop the mats when this occurs.

What happens if I fall over?

Yes! Children will be able to learn from scratch or gain new skills and confidence in a structured and warm environment, allowing them to better utilise and enhance their time and experience when on the mountain.

Is it a good option for children?


Definitely! Time on our mats will prepare you for when you actually want to hit the slopes. A few sessions at Vertikal will have you headed straight for your first run.




I have never skied or snowboard before – is this a good way to learn?