5 tips to survive a snow trip these school holidays


Our top 5 tips

to surviving a snow trip these school holidays….

The general rule of thumb with kids and snow? Keep them warm, fed and entertained. But here’s a few more details on what you can do to make sure your upcoming snow trip is fun for the whole family.

Leave Early

If you’re heading on a day trip to the Snowy Mountains, leave early. Car parks fill up fast and before you know it you’re on the edge of the overflow car park scurrying to make sure you take everything out of the car that you’ll need for the whole day. Then, walking to get to the bus (if there is one) then trying to get three kids and all their kit into a mini bus without wounding your fellow passengers… only to realise the four year old has left their goggles on the back seat of the car.

Save yourself the stress (and frustration) and leave even just 30 minutes earlier, you’ll notice the difference!




If you are doing the day drive from Canberra it can be long. If you’re lucky the kids will be so tired from the early wake up that you have a peaceful drive (at least most of the way). But in a far more likely scenario, they are way too excited to sleep! A good distraction from the “are we there yet” is never a bad idea - think along the lines of audiobook, fun music or kid-friendly podcasts.

Find comfort in knowing they should sleep the whole drive home after a fun day up the mountain...

Pack Beforehand

Get organised well before hand! If you’re renting gear, try and pick it up the night before hand. This ensures you can fix any issues in the store without feeling like you’re wasting valuable time on the slopes.

Get the kids to give you a hand with the packing – give them a list of all the things they need to pack and check it off with them! Maybe they can do it next time all on their own!

Don’t Forget the Sunblock

Yes it’s cold, but if the sun is shining on the mountains the snow will reflect the sun back and you and your little ones will end up with goggle tan for the rest of the week!

Hot tip – most dry-stick or spray sun blocks aren’t required to be rubbed in and don’t leave any residue which means you don’t need to take your hands away from your toasty warm gloves.



And Don’t Forget the Spare socks

Spare socks are a must! We suggest taking a spare pair up the mountain and a spare pair in the car. It’s always nice to jump in the car ready for the drive home knowing a fresh fluffy pair of socks await your tired feet.

Hot tip – leave them on the dash while you warm up the car to get them nice and toasty.

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