Vertikal Indoor Skiing

The indoor ski slope simulators are literally the foundation of our business.

The slope itself is a giant “mat” made of soft white nylon fibre that sits on a tilted and moving platform.  It can be adjusted in height and is operated by an electric and hydraulic mechanism. The instructor operates the simulators via a hand-held remote and can stop the slope at anytime.

Safety rails surround the slope with a handrail at the front of the slope for added safety. A mirrored front wall provides immediate feedback for the participant to adjust and modify technique as they train.


While the slopes do feel different to snow underfoot, the technique is exactly the same.




At Vertikal, we aim to prepare our beginner guests for an introduction to the ski resorts where they are confident to be on snow.  Our intermediate and advanced skiers and boarders can retain their muscle memory, maintain fitness and build their skills.


Vertikal provides ski and board instruction for a wide range of ability and will tailor the instruction based on individual skill and experience:


  •           At the professional level, such as World Cup and Olympic athletes,
  •          For experienced skiers and boarders to actively hone their skills and have fun year-round
  •           For novices, to learn how to ski or board before actually hitting the slopes,
  •          For adaptive athletes to build upon an existing skill set or engage in a new one
  •           For children and youth in school groups to participate in a new sport and build confidence as new goals are set and achieved

According to designers and trainers in The Netherlands, one hour of training on the indoor ski slope is the equivalent eight hours on the snow. [];

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