Goals and Fun

At Vertikal, our primary aim is for our guests to have fun, enjoy their experience and create lasting memories.  The best way to foster this is through providing a comfortable learning environment.

Our instructors strive to instill a passion for snow sports in all our guests.  Our goal is to share knowledge and create a positive approach to learning so our guests can feel and see their skills improving – and translate what they have learnt on our slopes to the mountain.

We are privileged to be part of a wider industry, helping to foster in our guests a life-long interest in and love for snow sports that can continue well into senior years.


It’s critical to identify realistic goals that lie within reach of every individual from a physical and psychological point of view. We look to assist participants to achieve their goals, further, encouraging them to extend themselves and their capabilities.

We believe in sensation, not explanation where feeling needs to be felt before it becomes a sensation.

Improving skills in snow sports, like other sports, requires a process of trial and error, where the error is not bad, rather, a source of information.  This source of information can then be analysed with the goal of finding alternative, positive strategies to improve.

Being flexible is necessary to cope with ever-changing situations encountered in snow sports.

Our certified snow sports team will happily work with our guests to experiment with different approaches and identify the best individual teaching method. If we only know one way, how can we be sure it’s the right one?


 Imagine being able to practice and perfect your skiing and boarding technique year-round. No concerns about the weather or snow cover. You can do it before or after work, on your own or with your friends or family. You can have a professional instructor teach you or analyse your technique and develop a programme that will amplify your time on the real snow during the season.

At Vertikal, we believe that MUSCLE MEMORY is critical to how we benefit our clients.  By conditioning the body to learn, retain, and effectively remember the same actions, then skills develop and progress.  As with any sport, mastering snow sports requires constant attention.  Progress requires practice, a lot of practice. No other action can replace that of racing down a hill at velocity with all muscles in the right place, adapting to the conditions underfoot.