Sport Psychology

Whether you’re a highly skilled competitive racer, or just want to make the next turn, the mind is a very powerful organ that also requires exercising.  This is amplified in snow sports given the largely individual nature of the sports.


While we can measure physiological changes in the body – more defined muscles, cardiovascular fitness, etc., the impact of the psychology of the mind remains very difficult to measure.  This is precisely why it is so important and deserves attention.


There is only one winner, but there can be tens, hundreds or even thousands of competitors who train equally hard (sometimes harder!) and undertake the same challenging routines.  But what considerations make the difference between the top performers and everyone else?


The psychology behind the athlete and the elements that go into supporting that individual are incredibly important.  At Vertikal our snow sports director is a professional sports psychologist.  Come and talk to us about integrating mental training into your current snow sports training programme.