Vertikal offers training for racers of all levels across all disciplines – Alpine and SkierX events, Snowboard and SnowboardX events.  The nylon fibre surface of our indoor mats feels a little different underfoot but the technique is exactly the same and the benefits begin here: instant feedback from the mirror while you train, coupled with on the spot ongoing instruction from the coach enables an optimal training session.


Let’s face it – skiing and boarding creates a natural adrenalin rush.  Grab a group of friends or colleagues to beat the clock in a friendly comp racing between cones to simulate slalom.  Prefer downhill?  We can speed up the mats and create the ultimate endless slope to help perfect technique.


Have kids participating in interschools? We understand the competitive environment out there and are eager to assist in obtaining the best possible outcome.  We provide in-depth training to hone skills and support mental focus to make it a positive experience.


Masters more your scene? Or did you miss the window to race as a junior but still yearn to feel what it’s like to sail through the gates even in a casual NASTAR race?  We can assist so you’re gate-ready when you’re on the mountain.


Always remember, win or lose, having fun is the goal…