Planning a tour this European winter?  Eager to maintain skills? Or keen to try how cross-country skis feel before committing further?

At Vertikal, we recognise the increasing interest in Nordic skiing through the freedom it represents and while for some it is an ultimate fitness and endurance sport, for others it’s more about engaging the whole body with low impact.

Its large fan base across all age groups is in large part due to its versatility as it is the individual who chooses the terrain and dictates the speed.  Similarly, our slopes cater to the individual – providing whatever challenge is desired.  So how do they work?  Our Vertikal slopes can be placed at the lowest possible angle for smooth cross-country training.  The speed is adjustable and the gradient of the slope is dynamically variable.

Professional, experienced, intermediate or beginner, our instructors cater to all levels. Worried about going backwards on the slope? – no chance as our instructors carry a hand-held remote to stop the machine immediately.


If you’re looking to maintain muscle strength, memory and flexibility, and train casually, we have the perfect endless slope.

Eager to perfect telemark turns?  The slope can also support telemark training and is wide enough to accommodate the requisite long, wide turns.

Still have questions?  Come in and talk to us, we can talk skiing every hour of every day and welcome any questions.