While we will offer specific training programmes for professional disabled snow sports athletes, we also provide a platform for novice individuals to participate in a snow sport experience within a safe environment. Our slopes provide an invaluable means to gain confidence in this discipline, which can be difficult on the slopes when faced with cold, wet and windy conditions.  For beginners, ours is a gradual introduction to snow sports within a comfortable environment, with the necessary guidance and support.


All activities are carefully constructed and supervised by snow sports professionals with vast international teaching experience and who can carefully consider individual ability and requirements.



At Vertikal, our philosophy is all about fun and inclusion.  Like the premise of Australian snow resorts, we believe every person, regardless of their ability, should have the opportunity to participate in snow sports.  We have a variety of programmes to accommodate all our guests and have designed our facility for this purpose.


Vertikal is also a conduit for rehabilitation between physio and physically getting back on the slopes.


We look forward to working with appropriate organizations to ensure we provide an optimal experience that complements programmes and initiatives already in place.