Vertikal provides skiers and boarders with year-round access to slopes that simulate real terrain.

We offer a unique bridge between the indoor and outdoor experience where individuals can continue to develop and build upon their skills.

Our team of certified ski and snowboard instructors and coaches assists leisure and serious snow sports competitors alike to help maintain muscle memory, and reach their goals without the disruption imposed by seasons.

We cater to a wide audience from the novice to the professional athlete, both casual and more serious participant.  The Vertikal team offers training for school and university groups, highly skilled athletes and race clubs, as well as social clubs and corporate groups looking for leisure and team-building activities. We have programmes designed to enable athletes post injury or recovering from surgery to return to the slopes with confidence and appropriately fit.

Further, we offer specific training programmes for adaptive athletes whether they are highly skilled or new to the sport within a safe, fully supervised environment.

All activities are constructed and supervised by snow sports professionals with vast international teaching experience and who carefully consider individual abilities and requirements.

This business concept is based on an established indoor ski and board slope simulator business model by Maxxtracks in The Netherlands.

The indoor ski slope simulators are literally the foundation of our business.

The slope itself is a giant “mat” made of soft white nylon fibre that sits on a tilted and moving platform.   It can be adjusted in height and is operated on an electric and hydraulic mechanism. The instructor operates the simulator(s) via a hand-held remote and can stop the slope at any time.

Safety rails surround the slope with a handrail at the front for added safety. A mirrored front wall provides immediate feedback for the participant to adjust and modify technique as they train.

While the slopes feel a little different to snow underfoot, the technique is exactly the same.